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Advertise with EU Reporter to influence the policy- and decision-makers of Europe.

Advertising with EU Reporter is a simple, cost-effective way of connecting with a very powerful audience of European politicians, law-makers and decision-makers, business leaders and influencers, industry representatives and civil servants.

With an online readership of more than 60,000 visits per month for the website and 25,000 by direct email for the digital magazine, advertisers can connect to a highly influential pan-European audience of ABC 1 euro-aware individuals with high disposable incomes.

EU Reporter is  in more than 152 countries and territories throughout the world (verified monthly by Google Analytics) and syndicated to over 250 news websites giving a worldwide audience of over 22 million people.

Advertising Rates


Banners on eureporter website (for one week)

Banner on all pages of website (in rotation with 4 others)   1,200 euro

Banner on all pages of website (exclusive)   3,500 euro

PDF and YUDU electronic monthly magazine

Display ads

Cover 2       3,000 euro
Full page    3,200 euro
1/2 page      1,800 euro
1/3 page      1,000 euro


Professional discount (agencies)     -15%

Volume discounts

€2,000 to 4,000     -5%
€4,001 to 6,000     -8%
€6,001 to 9,000   -10%
€9,001 to 12,000 -12%


Full page L 210 mm x H 297 mm (+ crop marks at 5 mm on all four sides)
1/2 page ad L 188 mm x H 120 mm
1/3 page ad L 188 mm x H 77 mm
Note: ad must be sent in high resolution PDF (300 dpi)
Banner Leader board 728×90 pixels max. 50 kb
Accepted formats jpeg, gif, flash

Please Note

Because of the rise in fake news and people using false identities to post fake stories we have been obliged to introduce a “due diligence” check to validate that our customers and contributors are genuine.

In order to validate new contributors, we now require them to email EU Reporter a scan of their passport or national identity card. to be added to our database of genuine contributors.

Please also note that articles must be under the name of a genuine journalist, or author of an opinion piece. All other articles will be labelled as “Sponsored post”. 

For further information or to book please contact Colin Stevens  

Tel.    (Belgium)  +32 (0) 2 791 76 91   or   (United Kingdom) +44 (0) 7548 034 225