‘Raising climate target to 55% by 2030 is an important signal, it’s an important action’ Löfven

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By EU Reporter Correspondent

Ahead of today’s (15 October) European Council eleven EU countries issued a joint statement calling on the EU to increase its 2030 climate target. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden argue that in order to reach a climate neutral EU by 2050 the 2030 climate target needs to be raised to “at least 55 percentâ€� this year. The increased target should be included in the EU’s updated Nationally Determined Contribution to be submitted to the UNFCCC before the end of this year and followed up by legislative proposals by June 2021 to deliver on the target.Â

The eleven heads of government believe the new long-term budget and recovery package with the climate mainstreaming target of at least 30 percent and the “do no harmâ€� principle ensure the EU financial contribution to achieving our increased 2030 climate target in a socially inclusive manner, enabling a just transition.Â

The move was resisted by some states that are already finding the energy transition difficult. Andrej BabiÅ¡, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, said that the Czech Republic would not be able to reach the 55% target. BabiÅ¡ would be willing to sign up to a 55% average for the EU as a whole.Â

The European Council agreed to come back to the matter in December.Â

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