CPMR welcomes Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy and calls for a territorial approach

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By EU Reporter Correspondent

The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) welcomes the European Commission Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy – A much-needed step forward to harness the untapped potential of the sea but stresses that the Strategy will only succeed if it builds on the strengths, expertise and experience of regions.

The renewable offshore sector is key to reach a climate neutral Europe and to boost regions’ – both maritime and inland – competitiveness and economic recovery. The CPMR welcomes the holistic approach of the EU Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy, which recognizes that the development and deployment of offshore renewable energy can benefit a large number of regions and territories and provide for a fair transition and economic diversification. The CPMR, however, stresses that the involvement of regional authorities, as well as appropriate financial and policy means and recognition of their specificities, is key to ensure a fair energy transition for all, as stated in its recently adopted political policy position.

The CPMR is pleased that the Strategy acknowledges the need for having tailor-made solutions depending on technological maturity and sea basins’ specificities. A place-based approach will be crucial to ensure that the potential of all sea basins and all regions is unleashed. Climate and Energy CPMR Vice President Richard Sjölund said: “The Strategy should not forget to promote a balanced transition that ensures access to clean energy to all regions and their citizens. Sea basin cross-border cooperation and coordination with non-EU countries will be key to deliver on the Strategy and European Green Deal objectives.�

The CPMR welcomes the inclusion of regional authorities in the Clean Energy Industrial Forum for Renewables but calls for it to be a driver for change and not only a forum of discussion. CPMR Secretary General Eleni Marianou said: “The strategy is a good starting point to harness the potential of CPMR Member Regions which have since long been pioneers in the development of offshore renewable energies. The CPMR hopes that their voice and expertise will be heard and that the Clean Energy Industrial Forum on Renewables will serve to this purpose.�


The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) represents more than 150 regional authorities from 24 countries across Europe and beyond. Organised in 6 geographical commissions, the CPMR works to ensure that a balanced territorial development is at the heart of the European Union and its policies.

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