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By EU Reporter Correspondent

“Europe’s digital sovereignty and its sustainable development are complementary objectives�: Abraham Liu, Huawei’s Chief Representative to the EU Institutions, at the 5G Assembly press conference
“Europe’s digital sovereignty and its sustainable development are complementary objectives,� Abraham Liu, Huawei’s Chief Representative to the EU Institutions, told the 5G Assembly press conference.

With Europe in the driving seat, 5G will be a force for good, Huawei’s Hui Cao tells Brussels 5G Assembly. Europe has a strategic opportunity to become a leader in 5G deployment, and Huawei is a key partner for Europe in this process: this was the company’s key message at the 5G Assembly in Brussels on 20 November.

“If harnessed, our solutions can truly help Europe lead this next industrial revolution, and gain its true Digital Sovereignty,� said Dr Hui Cao, Head of Strategy and Policy, Huawei EU.

“We are at a crossroads of geo-political contests. Those who embrace the potential of 5G will be in charge not only of their digital future, but also of the world’s. 5G has the capability to help tackle many of the challenges ahead.

Ranga Yogeshwar, Physicist and Science Journalist, stressed that 5G was a great opportunity to share: “We have the responsibility to use this connectivity to achieve a fairer society, a greener planet and a more peaceful world.�

Rainforest Connection Founder and CEO Topher White presented a concrete case study of how technology can make a difference in the most remote places. “With the help of Huawei’s technological resources, Rainforest Connection pioneered a solution using commonplace mobile technology and AI to transform live audio streams directly from the rainforest into a profound understanding of the forest soundscape, rooting out any threats such as illegal logging and poaching,� he explained.

“We start a new decade on the verge of the next wave of digital transformation underpinned by ubiquitous connectivity,� highlighted Mark Spelman, Head of Thought Leadership, World Economic Forum. “A multi-stakeholder approach involving policymakers and private companies will be required to unleash the potential of new value creation, accelerate progress on the sustainable development goals and reduce the digital divide.�

The event brought together around 200 participants, including policymakers, academics, and representatives from NGOs, around the ‘Choose a Smarter Future’ theme. Huawei published a white paper on the same topic earlier this year.

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