UK needs to make a Brexit call soon: Deal or no-deal?

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By Reuters

Britain cannot tell businesses to prepare at the last minute if talks between London and Brussels fail to agree a Brexit deal so Prime Minister Boris Johnson will need to make a decision sooner rather than later, a junior minister said on Thursday (15 October), writes Guy Faulconbridge.

“If we can’t get a deal, rightly so, we’ve got to allow businesses to prepare,� Junior Business Minister Nadhim Zahawi told Sky News.

“I can’t go to businesses at the 11th hour on 31 December… We have to make a decision much sooner.â€�

Goldman Sachs said on Thursday that there could be drama at the EU summit over Brexit but that a thin trade deal was likely to struck by early November.

Goldman Sachs says there could be Brexit drama ahead and then a thin deal

“Neither the UK Prime Minister’s 15 October deadline nor the European Commission’s 31 October deadline constitutes a hard stop on Brexit negotiations,� Goldman analyst Sven Jari Stehn said in a note to clients. “This week’s European Council may well feature an additional dose of political drama.�

“We think the perceived probability of ‘no deal’ will persist through the course of October. But our core view remains that a ‘thin’ zero-tariff/zero-quota trade agreement will likely be struck by early November,� Goldman said.

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